We produce “Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units”, which are one of our areas of specialization, in short-time, with wide capacity range and various material choices. The automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing unit consists of a rectangular tank divided into three compartments

Polymer Dosing System is a compact unit that automatically feeds the process, as needed, using a regulated ultrasonic level switch. Unit has treee comparments. The first one is preparation compart- ment, the second one is ageing department and the last one is storage compartment. These three parts are seperated from easch orher by welded plates. Polymer Storage and feeding hooper is a steel small tank in which polyelectrolyte is stored. Polyelectrolyte in this hoop- er doses by the mounted feeding screw bottom of the hooper. There are two mixers in the unit. In the first compartment, there is a rapid mixer used for polyelectrolyte prepration and in the second compartment, slow mixer for ageing. Units can be manufactured in different capacities depending on the requirements. Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units is made up of the following components

  • Tank
  • Tank Equipment
  • Powder Dosing System
  • Mixer
  • Control Unit

Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units

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