It is a mechanical equipment where the sand kept in the sand catcher pools is separated from the water by means of an auger mounted on the carrier construction and driven by a motor and reducer group.

It ensures that the sand in the wastewater is kept and separated at the inlet point of the plant in order not to wear out the mechanical equipment and pumps in the plant.

Grit present in the wastewater needs to be held and separated at the inlet, without which it will quickly cause the mechanical equipment and pumps in the plant to deteriorate. Grit classifiers are designed to separate the solids in the grit and water mixture collected by grit scrapers, and they consist of a tank with a conical bottom and a screw conveyor. The motor driven screw conveyor carries and discharges the grit that accumulates at the tank bottom to a container located at the outlet.

Mechanical Screen

Longitudinal Scrapers Areas Of Usage

  • Water treatment plants
  • Biological treatment plants
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial treatment plants