Arsimak is capable of producing all of the control equipments that are used widely in applications and offers a wide range of choice on penstocks to you. Thickness of the body and chasis are calculated and projected in accordance with pressure of water by our project team. Penstocks are produced in different sizes start from 200x200 mm to 3000x3000 mm.

   In all,depending on your choice for on-off details can be applied as fix or rising stem. They can be operated in either motorized or manual.

Other Penstock Types
  • Wall Type
  • Weir Type
  • Flap Type

Wall Type Penstocks

Basket Screen

Rectangular shape penstocks are generally used to control the flow in the inlet and outlet of chambers. There is a wide range of sizes for penstock that are designed specially in accordance with the wall opening.

Weir Type Penstocks ( Sluice Gates)

Wall-mounted type sluice gates are applied in some structure of water and wastewater treatment plants to control water level. These type of penstocks are designed specially accordance with the opening to be closed and the water level difference to be controlled in a wide range of sizes.


Stoplogs are widely used in water intake structure, water and wastewater treatment plants in order to control the flow. Stoplogs, as with other type of penstocks, are manu- factured from materials such as steel or stainless steel and also, are resistant to the effects of wastewater. Stoplogs can be made as in one piece, in applications that requires more flexible use are produced in segments fragmentally.

Basket Screen Drawings